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PRE-ORDER: RiteLite K65 Quad Pod

PRE-ORDER: RiteLite K65 Quad Pod

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The RiteLite K65 Quad Pod is a comprehensive floodlight system built to provide the highest quality lighting to any facility with the added benefits of portability. Built with market leading materials and technology, the K65 units have the ability to provide competitive level lighting, giving clubs and programs the opportunity to embrace all of the lighting benefits without needing permanent towers at a facility.

Powered by mains or generator based power supplies, the K65 Units can manage prolonged periods of training and competitive durations to ensure clubs can maximize their programming options. 

K65 Quad Pod units are priced individually and can be purchased in quantities to fit a club or organization budget. For reference, 8 units are required to meet the necessary lighting standards to play competitive soccer on a full size 11v11 field. 

Product Details:

  • High power beam controlled LED light heads providing up to 266,000 equivalent lumens* from a maximum 1460W power consumption. All light directed onto playing surface.
  • Can be used for almost any sport on any surface.
  • One person quick deployment. Highly mobile and able to be maneuvered over any terrain enabling use in a much wider range of applications than other lighting towers.
  • Unique parallel mast design - The centre of gravity is very low with the weight perfectly balanced over the wheels for easy and safe handling even on difficult terrain.
  • Safe to operate – in-built mast safety systems and operator level RCBO electrical safety isolation switch.
  • Silent, fume free operation when mains or lithium battery generator powered - suitable for indoor use.

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