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PRE-ORDER: RiteLite Sports-LITE

PRE-ORDER: RiteLite Sports-LITE

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PRE-ORDER Now For This Fall!

The RiteLite Sports-LITE Training kits are the ideal portable soccer floodlights for training sessions. Ultra bright, low weight, and easy to use, these training lights are revolutionizing training for many teams and clubs extending practices, enabling more players to be trained each week, and reimagining the year round training capacity for clubs and programs.

Designed to focus all the light onto the training area evenly without creating any light pollution to neighboring areas or houses, the Sports-LITE portable floodlights are quick to set up, have no trailing cables, and have a run time on one charge of over 2 hours. Additional batteries can be swopped in for longer training sessions and recharging is fast and straightforward. The Sports-LITE Training kits can be used on any size soccer facility depending on the training requirement and are very mobile and easily moved. They are safe to use with in-built safety features and waterproof to IP65, suitable for any training weather.

Sports-LITE Kits (Each Kit Includes):

  • 2 Sports-LITE Units
  • 2 Fully Adjustable Tripods
  • 2 Sports-LITE Batteries
  • 2 Battery Chargers
  • Tripod & Light Head Carry Bags

Product Details:

  • 22,000 equivalent lumens light output* IP65 waterproof.
  • Unique lensing optimized for all playing surfaces. Low light pollution to nearby areas.
  • Quick & simple deployment by one person in under 1 minute per light.
  • Compact to store and transport. Only 21.2lbs per kit. Easy to fit a full set in a car trunk.
  • Stable to 25mph winds. No extra tie downs or ground pegs required.
  • Safe silent operation. No trip hazards. No trap hazards. No noise. No maintenance. Soft descent anti-trip tripod.
  • Multiple kit options for all budgets and training requirements.
  • Supplied with waterproof carry bags as standard.

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