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BAZOOKAGOAL Aluminum XL - 5'x3'

Product image 1BAZOOKAGOAL Aluminum XL - 5'x3'
Product image 2BAZOOKAGOAL Aluminum XL - 5'x3'
Product image 3BAZOOKAGOAL Aluminum XL - 5'x3'
Product image 4BAZOOKAGOAL Aluminum XL - 5'x3'
Product image 5BAZOOKAGOAL Aluminum XL - 5'x3'
Product image 6BAZOOKAGOAL Aluminum XL - 5'x3'
Product image 7BAZOOKAGOAL Aluminum XL - 5'x3'

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BazookaGoal pop-up soccer goal. Available in XL Size. Consists of aluminum sidebars with premium oxidation finish & PVC crossbars. Portable & set up in 10 seconds. Combines sturdy recoil frame and high-quality net for resistance to powerful shots, safety and great durability over time. Ideal for a huge variety of individual soccer drills & team training. Available in multiple fabric & frame colors. Custom branding available.


The BazookaGoal XL pop-up aluminum soccer goal gives coaches the chance to train their teams & players in bigger spaces and create more chances to score.

The goal is designed to be easy to carry and set up, exactly as the original size. It features aluminum vertical posts and PVC crossbars. The aluminum parts of the goal are oxidized, to ensure the maximum resistance to extreme weather conditions and great endurance over time. It is available in multiple fabric & frame colors and includes the customization option, giving the chance to any Soccer Academy, Club or Soccer School to enrich their soccer brand.

World class coaches include BazookaGoals to small-sided football games to develop their players and teams. Through 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 and advanced rondo games, players are trained to perform in limited spaces, have multiple touches with the ball, learn to face the opponent directly, combine ball possession with finishing and practice team strategies that apply in real matches.

The BazookaGoals are a significant part of any top-level soccer training session, as players combine technique, passing, shooting and agility drills to upgrade their individual football skills and improve their overall performance.

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